Used as a binding material between concrete, decorative plaster, mortars, and hydro-isolators.

The binding material BETON CONTACT made from quartz sand is used in construction, softening it with 10% water the mass is ready to be applied with brush or roller. The surface where BETON CONTACT – QUARZHAFTBRÜCKE will be applied must be clean, free of dust or other debris. BETON CONTACT is able to seep inside the pores of the concrete, thereby serving as a connecting layer between the substrate and the paint, adhesive, mortar or facade. Application: BETON CONTACT – QUARZHAFTBRÜCKE is mixed and used directly from the package, and provides adhesion of the subsequent layers in the concrete. It’s suitable for application in external and internal environments. It is applied using brush or roller, before other materials layers.

· Consumption: 150-200 g / m²
· Usage: Within 2 hours
· Packaging: 3, 5, 10,15, 20kg in plastic bucket
· Application temperature: + 5°C – 25°C
· Storage: In a dry place without moisture, protected from direct sunlight
· Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production
· Read the instructions and the declaration of performance sheet before using this product

More about technical sheets & product performance:

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