About Us

Founded in 2000, Xfort is a manufacturing enterprise with already a long experience in the production of construction materials. Our products are notable for their solidity, quality and ease of use. All our products are certified with CE, ISO TÜV Nord 9001:2008 as well as European Standards DIN-EN 13 300, EN 998, EN 12004…

Quality and preservation of value:

As a fast-growing company, Xfort has become a serious partner in development and construction industry, supplying the market with quality products, which are easily applied and preserve their quality for a long period of time, at the same time being economic and environmental friendly always in support of the natural system, and providing high quality products that are Eco-System friendly.

Company growth:

The close cooperation with our clients and accountability has enabled Xfort to reflect and expand further, supplying the market with new products, which entirely meet clients’ expectations towards our company.

Vision and goals:

Xfort is dedicated to use the substances and energy that are harmless to the environment. This way we fulfill the goals in creating products that are in line with the nature itself, aiming at the same time the usage of technologies as environmentally friendly as possible.