Lime and cement mortar for building all types of walls

FORTFIX NPB is primarily applicable in renovating works. It features high level of affixation to the base, high level of utilization It’s well processed with a trowel. Application: Bricks (blocks) need to be dry and clean. Too dried bricks and bricks with a high level of permeability need to be dipped in water before use. Base Preparation: Gradually put the content in 6-7 L of pure water, and mix until the homogenous mass is reached. The mixture must lay for about 10 minutes before use. The surface must be flatten before the use of FORTFIX NPB with the adequate tools, the prepared mixture must be used within 3 hours. The intermediate period of hardening must be at least 1 day. FORTFIX NPB Must be protected against freezing and quick hardening. In case of longer breaks in working with the mixer, the latter needs to be completely emptied and washed. FORTFIX NPB shall not be mixed with other materials. Clean working tools immediately after use with this product.

· Consumption: 3 – 4kg / m2
· Usage: Within 3 hours
· Packaging: 25 kg in paper bag
· Application temperature: + 5° C – 30° C
· Storage: In a dry place without moisture, protected from direct sunlight
· Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production
· Read the instructions and the declaration of performance sheet before using this product