FORTFIX Thermoflex


For fixing mineral wool boards as well as for applying a thin reinforced layer for thermal insulation of buildings by means of ETICS.

Fortfix Thermoflex adhesive is an integral element of the ETICS system (external thermal insulation systems) which is used for gluing mineral wool tiles. Fortfix Thermoflex is also used in tiles for insulation of various ceilings, for gluing mineral wool to the facade and for leveling the reinforcing layer during the insulation of new buildings and in the energy rehabilitation of existing buildings. Fortfix Thermoflex is known for excellent adhesion to mobile foundations, solids and dry foundations, without particles that reduce adhesion (such as grease, bitumen, dust). Adhesion of existing mortars, paints and coatings should be checked before application. Old plaster should be removed. Damage or deformation inside the plinth should be pre-filled with cement mortar.

Application: Pour Fortfix Thermoflex in a measured amount of clean, cold water. Mix using an electric mixer until a homogeneous mixture without particles is created, then wait 5 minutes and mix once more before application. Before applying the adhesive to the tiles, it is necessary to apply a thin layer of adhesive to the places where the adhesive will be applied. The mortar / adhesive prepared in this way should be applied with a trowel, shoulders along the edges of the table forming a wide strip 3-4cm wide and two dots in the middle with a diameter of about 8cm. Immediately press the plate to the surface and check the flatness with a large level / level. Apply the right amount of adhesive, as it should make a minimum of 40% contact with the entire surface. In the case of flat, smooth surfaces, it is necessary to apply the adhesive with a pointed trowel (tooth diameter (10-12mm). Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns where each vertical row moves in the same way as the “brick connection” system. When the Fortfix Thermoflex is dry (after approximately 3 days), fasten them using mechanical steel anchors.

· Consumption: 5-6.5 kg / m 2 (depending on the material to be glued) for gluing and about 5-7 kg for leveling
· Usage: Within 2 hours
· Packaging: 25 kg in paper bag
· Application temperature: + 5° C – 25° C
· Storage: In a dry place without moisture, protected from direct sunlight
· Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production
· Read the instructions and the declaration of performance sheet before using this product