Final leveling compound used for interior and exterior wall surfaces

FORTFIX GLÄTTPUTZ – FINAL is a ready to use compound used for leveling interior walls and ceilings previously plastered with basic mortar (cement, gypsum, lime, etc.) as well as plasterboard. GLÄTTPUTZ – FINAL is distinguished as highly productive, with optimal processing quality, good flattening ability in leveled areas as well as good binding. Usage: This final leveling is a powder compound produced based on mineral bindings, stone aggregates and other additives. Application: FORTFIX GLÄTTPUTZ – FINAL is prepared by mixing it gently, after mixing, the fresh substance must rest for 20 min. The substance is mixed again and then can be applied. With appropriate tool, 1mm thick substance is applied. The ready-made substance must be used within 2 hours. Not to be mixed with other materials. Possible holes or cracks in the wall must be filled in advance. Cement-lime basic mortars must be solid dried beforehand.

· Consumption: 1 – 1.3 kg / m² d=1mm
· Usage: Within 2 hours
· Packaging: 25kg in plastic bucket
· Application temperature: + 5°C – 30°C
· Storage: In a dry place without moisture, protected from direct sunlight
· Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production
· Read the instructions and the declaration of performance sheet before using this product

More about technical sheets & product performance:

In order for our customers to receive all the necessary information,
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